Collaborative Learning


Co-Founders Matching

The smart way to cultivate your learning habits

and meet well-matched co-founders.

Building a startup is a process of constant learning about which variables such as a value proposition, traction channels or monetization strategies will make the business model work.

If you want to build a successful startup you should also put yourself in a constant learning mode. Co-Founders Club helps you cultivate your learning habits and turns networking meetings into collaborative learning experiences.


Cultivate your learning habits together with learning partners.


Meet potential co-founders during collaborative learning sessions.


Create a highly competent founding team and build a successful startup.

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Solo founders take three times longer to develop their companies than two co-founders

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Solo founders are two times less likely to adapt their business models to new opportunities

The most successful innovative companies are built by two co-founders: one with strong Discovery Skills and the other one with strong Delivery Skills

Startups built by three co-founders reported the highest employment growth rates

Networking events are often full of consultants, freelancers and sales representatives

Co-Founders Club filters out all kinds of salespeople and those who "don't have time" to learn

Of each ten new internet startups only one survives

The Club gathers those who are ambitious and determined to build a successful startup

Co-Founders Club matches co-founders with similar levels of complementary skills, trust and engagement

Club members learn how to build successful startups during collaborative learning live video sessions

Prospective co-founders get to know each other better and build mutual trust

Club members receive feedback that helps them to improve their skills

The people leading almost every successful startup in history are just different. They're a very tiny percentage of the world population, and their brains are wired for chaos, uncertainty, and blinding speed. They're irrationally focused on customer needs and delivering great products. Their job is their life. It's not 9-to-5, it's 24/7. These are the people who found high-growth, highly-successful scalable startups.

Join the elite club of smart and ambitious founders and cultivate your learning habits.